Starting Over

Here I start again, months since my last post. Not a very committed writer, am I?

This fits where I’ve been the last few months. I have been in a place of remaking myself. Not because I don’t like who I am, but because I don’t like who I could become as an old woman. I have let my stress levels control me and that changes me in ways I don’t like.

I eat my stress, so common for women, and some men too. I’ve gained 60 pounds in the last 5 years. Ouch. First time I’ve admitted that, even hubby can only guess. I have joined Curves 6 weeks ago, and am beginning to feel better. Until this weekend, I have been eating for health. What a difference in how I feel. As I work out, my body has gotten stronger. I feel it in how I hold my motorcycle up.

So I start over. I start over in my writing. I start over in my mission to look, at my life, share who I am, the struggles of a woman who has experienced much life in 57 years, changes, hurts, growth, joy, discovery. I think my story is not all that uncommon to women of my generation.

We begin again. Forgive this self indulgence as I presume that my life would be of interest to anyone, my purely selfish wish to blog about me. Truly, I do this as a public journal. Bear with me as I include you in my journey of self disclosure.

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