New Beginnings

The last month has been one of great highs!!!! There has been no greater experience in my life than participating in the birth of my first grandchild. I have a grandson. I did not know how satisfying it could be to watch my child give birth and begin to mother a child. She has always been a delight to me, trying to parent my children (her siblings) long before she should have been concerning herself with others behavior.
I have spent every moment I could helping in any way that she would let me. Remembering my own birth experiences, and falling in love with each of my own children, I wanted to give her space to get to know her newborn at her own pace. Additionally, I have been reminded of the early days of her life. I had her at home with a midwife and her father. When I married, I already had a child and he was 8 when she was born. He was able to participate and cut the umbilical cord. I had him in a hospital, back when they used to strap you on the table and take you to a “delivery” room. The experience of the home birth was such a juxtaposition of my first child, that I was forever ruined to the medical model of childbirth.
Even as I look forward to dinner with them tonight, I know that I will fall in love with this new child more and more, this child of my child.

The third of my four children got her motorcycle license this month. This has been so much fun. She is frightened of a motorcycle, however decided that she could ride a scooter. I took her out for her first ride, first leading her, watching in the mirror, then following her. Every stop sign and stop light reminded me of more safety tips that I needed to impart. Have you ever noticed how quiet a scooter is? I did not realize how strongly I believed the adage that ‘loud pipes save lives’, but, I guess I do. Quiet scooters require even more safety tips!!!!

I watched her as she rode in front of me, realizing that this child would outride me in no time, should she decide that she wants to ride a motorcycle. She has a good seat, corners nicely, and thinks she’s going to live forever. She is having so much fun. I bought the helmet, the mesh jacket, the boots, the gloves, and was happy to see a picture of her riding down the road with ALL of the safety gear on.

All in all, this month has been joyous and exciting. Last year I told my husband that there was nothing that would keep us from going to Sturgis this year. In December, my daughter who was having difficulty getting pregnant, called to say she was pregnant and the baby was coming at the end of July. I texted my honey and told him that the only thing that would keep me from Sturgis in 2012 was going to happen; the baby was coming. My daughter assures me that no baby will be coming in 2013.

Next year in Sturgis!!!!

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