Chrome Fender Tips

This month I will be married 5 years. He got me Chrome Fender Tips for our anniversary. How many men would get a lady chrome for a gift? Bless him, he tries to dress my Yamaha as well as he dressed his Harleys.

We met seven years ago. I had been separated for a year, having been married twenty years. I had always wanted a motorcycle, to only hear “no” when I’d mention it as a fun idea, while he was watching one of too many sporting events on TV. I had bought a Honda Shadow Ace on e-bay. It was in Atlanta and I had it shipped to California.

The shipping company called me, I was at work and I rushed home to see it delivered. Mind you, I did not know anything about motorcycles. I did not know even, how difficult it is to register an out of state vehicle in California. All I knew was that I had the most beautiful burgundy and pearl motorcycle being delivered to my house.

When I saw the motorcycle sitting in my driveway I had to ride it. But first, go online to see how to start a motorcycle. Second, yell for my burly 14 year old to come pick it up in the orchard when I dropped it. Ok, I needed to learn how to ride, so immediately signed up for my Motorcycle Safety Foundation course.

After getting my motorcycle license I needed someone to ride with, to show me the ropes. I joined a club. They weren’t real friendly. I joined Biker Kiss, an online dating site, asking for someone to befriend me and teach me to ride. Months later, in the spring I got a response. He seemed nice, so I had to pay a months membership so that I could e-mail the guy back and tell him I really wasn’t interested in dating. My marriage had left a very bad taste in my mouth. He responded back. He wasn’t interested in a relationship either.

Our first ride was to Coulterville. We went from Fresno to Highway 49. After what he said was the slowest motorcycle ride he’d ever been on, we decided we could be riding buddies. He even let me follow him to Sturgis on my Honda.

As you have probably figured out, he is the Love of my life, loving me like I’ve never been loved. And I have Chrome fender tips on my motorcycle to prove it.

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